Thanks to those of you who participated in our PEAKS meeting last night.  We hope that it was beneficial to those of you who attended.  It was a large group, and we sure appreciated having you all there.  Remember that you receive a $150 stipend for attending 3 of the 5 PEAKS new teacher meetings.  Our next meetings are on March 14 & May 22.  

If you weren't able to attend the meetings, check out the new page called PD Materials.  You can download the handouts and the powerpoint from the meeting.  

We'd like to dedicate some time in our March meeting to technology.  If you have specific technology questions that you think might benefit the group, please send them our way.  Ideas that were brainstormed at last nights meeting are:
How to email parents using skyward
Using an iPad in the classroom
Taking advantage of Pioneer Library & UTIPS

I'm sending treats to the first 10 readers who comment on our blog, so comment away!

The PEAKS Team


Miranda Brunson
01/27/2012 12:34

I would like to know if there are any really cool iPad apps for the students to use. Have any teachers found some great ones?

Hillary Steab
01/27/2012 14:30

There is a great list put out by Sallie Warnicki (who is a fabulous resource if you have additional questions) on:
I use mine frequently and my kids love it!

Ashley Fricker
01/27/2012 12:45

Hi guys! Does anyone know how to publish a podcast from the iPods or iPads?

Brittany Cates
01/27/2012 12:51

I need some insight as to what kinds of projects/interactive learning can be done using an iPad. I would like to write a grant to get one for my classroom but I'm not sure how they would be useful in the classroom, since I've never had one before.

Patty Chung
01/27/2012 12:57

I found some apps for Immersion program but somehow they are not that related to what I am teaching. And now I want to find something for my Envision Math but a lot of them are in English. Is there a way I can find in my Language?? In immersion classroom, there is no English allowed.

Jennifer Egbert
01/27/2012 13:33

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the meetings that you put together. I always learn so much from them, and you guys are great teachers. For the next meeting, I would really like to see some fun educational apps for an iPad that I could use with my students. I just bought one, and am excited to learn how to best use it in my classroom.

01/27/2012 13:49

Thanks! Now I can find out what is going on with our new teachers.

Leslie Allen
01/27/2012 14:09

Nice try Jones, but NO TREAT FOR YOU!!! Just teasing, we will happily send a treat your way as one of our favorite former EBL buddies!

01/27/2012 13:59

Thanks PEAKS team! I watched my movements around my classroom today and even though I do not have "tough kids" in that particular class it helped those who do not normally participate.

Jennifer Jorgensen
01/27/2012 17:01

I thought last night was great! Management is HUGE! It effects how much your students learn

Robyn Dulco
02/14/2012 16:46

I would have to agree with Sally, the information from the Tough Kids Handbook was super helpful! I too am tracking where I stand in the classroom and checking to see if all students are engaged. Thanks!!


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